Does size matter? Talking about your business, of course! As marketers, we constantly hear about the need for growth. More clicks. More leads. More conversions. More money in our pockets. Because a bigger budget means a bigger, better business, right?

Well, not necessarily. Here’s some food for thought:

Would you rather support your local mom-and-pop diner or spend your hard-earned cash at a predictable chain restaurant? How about homemade apple pie versus frozen fare from a box? Not much of a choice, is it?

Times are changing

We now live in an era where the pendulum is swinging in favor of smaller businesses versus big box brands. People are hungrier than ever to support “the little guy,” even if it means paying a premium. And if you’re running a small business, this is great news.

Today, being the little guy on a shoestring budget comes with some big-time benefits. In fact, many marketers today actually thrive on being in a sort of “David versus Goliath” situation with their competition.

People love a good underdog story, don’t they? So if you feel like you’re staring up at giants when marketing against your competitors, don’t freak out.

Why you shouldn’t worry about being “the little guy”

Here’s the deal: we live in unprecedented times as far as marketing goes. There are more tools at our fingertips than ever before to make even the smallest business look like a million bucks on the surface. Think about it…

Epic blog posts and killer emails cost little more than an investment of your time and creativity. Meanwhile, advertising has gotten so laser-targeted today that you can practically hand pick your prospects when it comes time to place an ad.

The tale of David versus “Yo-Goliath”

Many brands have learned the hard way just how powerful authenticity can be. Actually, one of my favorite examples in recent memory comes from the likes of Yoplait. Yes, the yogurt people.

Believe it not, yogurt is a multi-billion dollar industry. There aren’t many household names in the world of yogurt, but Yoplait is certainly one of them. Well, according to journalist Charles Duhigg, Yoplait had their backs against the wall when Greek yogurt exploded in popularity a few years back.

Fresh competitors like Chobani suddenly broke into the space and dominated the yogurt scene, despite being a significantly younger company with a seemingly unfamiliar, exotic product. Following a freak-out, Yoplait pooled their resources together to figure out exactly why people were so interested in Greek yogurt.

Applying the “small batch” effect to your business

Before we get into the nitty gritty of how to reap the rewards of being the little guy, we need to take a look at what the good people at Yoplait are doing to save their yogurt empire.

You see, they tried to score some points with Greek yogurt fans by releasing their own “Yoplait Greek” line to compete with Chobani. And guess what? It was a flop.

Yoplait effectively tried to put a Band-Aid on their problem, but consumers ripped it right off. After all, people could see right through their effort to imitate instead of innovate.

So it was back to the drawing board for Yoplait, who are now rolling out something entirely new in an attempt to bounce back. Their latest product known as “Oui” is the sort of new wave of artisan “French” yogurt (dubbed by foodies as the “new” Greek yogurt).

How to make authenticity work in your favor

Okay, so how do can you take these principles beyond the world of artisan yogurt and apply them to your own business? Whether you’re in networking marketing, direct sales or anywhere in between, consider how you can inject your personality in just about anything that you do.

Here are some examples:

  • Personal anecdotes in your blog posts
  • Sharing hardships in your emails
  • Telling stories
  • Vulnerability in your ads

These are the types of high-touch, hands-on value that you can deliver to your clients unlike your big-name competitors out there.

Your personal experiences are arguably your most powerful marketing firepower. And don’t be afraid to use them. Again, you can’t put a price tag on personality. Small marketers should feel empowered by the fact that they have a not-so-secret weapon that companies with even the biggest budgets can’t buy.

You have life experiences that can help you connect with your audience which are truly unique to you.

How would you like to find out even more tips on marketing to your audience and gaining interested prospects? I encourage you to sign up for my mentor Ferny’s free 10 day bootcamp here.


Regina Lajera
Founder/ CEO
Regina Lajera Success Academy