Using Facebook Messenger is indeed a very helpful tool you can use to build your network and also helps you automate the recruiting process. This is one of the most important tools I am personally using to connect to my audience, build trust with them and to interact. But as an entrepreneur who’s utilizing this tool, there are 10 things that you should NOT do if you want to get results on the business you’re doing and get a lot of engagements.  P. Gordon shared us these tips and let me tell you what are those..

1️⃣ Do not send a message to someone you have never met or connected online with saying “Hey” This is a guaranteed way to not have that person add you to messenger or want to connect

2️⃣ Engage with people’s content on their profile page. Check their bio and see what is important to them. Start a conversation in messenger engaging with them on something that is meaningful to them.


3️⃣ Do not send mass forwards, emails, or links. This is SPAM ?guaranteed way to get you deleted as a friend or never added as a friend

4️⃣ Connect with people like a HUMAN BEING. Ask questions learn about what their pain points are and how you can help. Don’t ??‍♀️assume

5️⃣ Do not respond to people in messenger with this ?? thumbs up ? What it communicates to people is that you are not interested in what they had to share. Change the emoji feature in the messenger chat to be anything other than ?? (You’ll thank me later) total turn off

6️⃣ When someone likes or comments on your post, don’t respond by shooting them a link. Thank them for the love on your post. Ask them what they liked most about it. If they don’t share the pain point, guide them there by asking questions about them

7️⃣ Don’t waste time sending follow up messages repeatedly to the same people in a short amount of time. You come across desperate. Maintain your posture. You are busy and have others to connect with that have reviewed the info and are ready to go. Move on to the next. Could be bad timing connect again in a couple of weeks, or maybe longer

8️⃣ Don’t ask closed questions eg. Yes or No answer responses. There is no where else to go with that type of conversation. Always have open ended conversations eg. What, When, Who, and Why. Always leave the conversation open so it continues

9️⃣ When networking with other entrepreneurs, network marketers etc don’t use scripts with them. They are in business. Likely are familiar with a lot of the different scripts. They can see it afar off. Be direct with these professionals, you get more respect that way

1️⃣0️⃣ Don’t add people as friends and when they send you a message you don’t respond ? If you are adding people to your network ENGAGE otherwise don’t waste people’s time by adding them. Be a follower instead

Helpful? I’m sure there are tons more. These are some of the ones that have stood out to me in the past year. What are some other ones that you can share below ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Feel free to share to help your teams connect and engage better through Facebook messenger! 🙂


Regina Lajera
Founder/ CEO

Regina Lajera Success Academy