Success has been defined in various ways. Sabi ni Madam Miriam Dictionary, it is the “attaining of wealth, prosperity and/or fame”.

Some say that it is the achievement of something desired (fame, fortune, family, and etc.), planned, or attempted, the antonyms ng failure and the status of having achieved and accomplished an aim, goals or objective.

What does success mean to you? Very broad question, right? But, this type of question doesn’t have a wrong answer actually. Lahat ng sagot ay tama at marami kang pwedeng sabihin about this topic but the best answer is how GOOD you can make the answer.

 A mediocre answer will be something like completing a project on time.

 You can say this, but add another twist to make the answer a little better. Examples are;

“To me, success means to have a goal, plan the steps to achieve the goal, implement the plan, and finally achieve the goal.”

A student like me might simply say “Success means finishing my course and graduate and that’s it.”

A business man might say “Success to me is to have me met specific sales target for my company.”

or in a Long and brief Answer I found in, somebody say this

“Success to me means completing a task and when looking back, thinking I couldn’t have done it better. To succeed is to complete a task or assignment on time in an excellent manner. But that’s only half of it. The result or outcome should be good or great and the people involved should gain a valuable lesson or experience.  So I think both the result and the process should be great to call something a success.”

This answer shows that the person believe in delivering great quality work and not just to complete or finish the work. This applies if the person value teamwork highly and a possibility of him become a teamwork player is huge.

However, as a student, what does success means to you or what means to be a successful student?

Is that being productive at your studies, expressing your talents, or maybe just simply graduate and get your diploma after 4 years?

Did you ever set a certain standards for yourself, so the moment you graduate, you were able to achieve “these” and “those” things? Or baka naman maka-graduate lang ang goal mo at yun ay success na para sayo.

Let’s dig dipper.

Goal mo din ba  ang mka-graduate with honors? What about providing the best life para sa family mo, yung maiprovide lahat ng pangangailangan ng anak at pamilya mo ng hindi ka na lalayo pa, goal mo din ba yun? Success ba para sayo kung makakpag resign ka na sa trabahong di mo naman gusto? Or maybe, ang magkaron ka ng side income ay isa na ding success para sa’yo?

Kahit anu pa man yan, iba-iba tayo ng mga mithiin sa buhay same as how we define success in different phases and levels of our life.

Me, as an online entrepreneur, my goal is to have that time and financial stability that I want for my family while living the kind of lifestyle that I wanted next to helping more people realize that this is indeed possible only if they pursue their childhood dreams. 

Moreover, success for me doesn’t only mean being able to hit the goals and visions you’ve planned but it’s more on the happiness you feel and the satisfaction it gave to you while and after it gets done.  

In a more deepen meaning and wider view, here’s my advice; let’s go above mediocre, set higher goals, dream bigger, take massive action to have bigger successes. 

After all, it’s all about you, it’s more of you., how you change your life and impacted other lives too.

At kung handa ka na rin sa pagbabago ng buhay mo at gusto mo makamit ang success sa buahy mo, just click this link and let’s talk on the other side.

To your real Success and Freedom,

Regina Lajera