About Me

Hello! My name is Regina Lajera and I am the founder of Regina Lajera Success Academy. 🙂

I am a former struggling online marketer and entrepreneur for God knows how long, yet I have been able to crack the code and start earning commissions with an affiliate online business.

At the time I started to hate my job, and I decided to venture into the business world and turned to network marketing for its very promising future. I never thought it wouldn’t be that hard but I was wrong. 

I am somehow good at sharing the business with others. But I hated to reach out to my old friends and pitch them my business. I felt like I was faking myself those times as I didn’t want to invite my coworkers (though I tried but didn’t work), relatives, neighbors, and those who are breathing just for them to see my opportunity. I am a private type of person and only talk to few people I want.

So changing my personality to fit into the business wasn’t really good for me at all.
Knowing the fact that I have to bug people to join my team (and do that over and over again) is not what I wanted to have in a business.

Knowing this reality and undergoing this feeling of “hating what you’re doing” made up my mind to almost quit and forget my dreams of achieving real freedom and stay away from any type of alarm clocks, fire my boss, and eventually live the life that I wanted.

However, one day, things had changed for me when I found a system that most of the successful entreprenuers in the world is using. I felt a newfound sense of hope. I realized all the mistakes I was making from doing the traditional old school methods of prospecting. The training I underwent and courses I took  taught me how to do real business in a NICE and PROFESSIONAL way. 🙂

During those times of frustration  that everybody experienced, I looked for a solution as I couldn’t imagine myself continously prospecting people and making a list to build my team in a way I hate. God answered my prayer when I saw a system that works automatically works for me in a little less effort. It taught me how to reverse the way of prospecting and building my business.

If you want to find out how to become the “hunted” instead of the “hunter” and start doing a “real” business with your name and own logo attached, I dare you to make bold step and invest in educating yourself on how to effectively grow your team, yourself and your business.

Are you ready to find out?

You may start by signing up for my mentor’s FREE Video Series that will enlighten you how to make your business a lot easier that it was before. 

What’s even better is that you’ll benefit from having almost complete automation of your business.

You’ll also see the exact online business strategies we are using to passively generate tons of leads per day, convert them to customers, and how we make them serious business builders.

All with absolutely no home parties, or hotel meetings and other time eater activities outside.

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