Calabanga is situated near the main City of the province, Naga City, which is rich in natural resources and near sea shores of San Miguel Bay. Due to this, fishing is one of the means of livelihood among people living in the island. This abundant supply of fish also resulted to the practice of salting and drying of fish to make it last longer. This dried fish became one of the most sought after pasalubong item from Calabanga, Camarines Sur, the danggit.

The danggit in Calabanga is typically a dried rabbitfish or spinefoot fish. This fish species is abundant in the shallow areas surrounding the town. The term danggit is not a type of fish rather it is the method of preserving the fish by drying it. While the danggit is best served for breakfast with rice and eggs, it can be eaten at any time of the day. Some people even have chopped tomatoes on the side since it goes well with the danggit.

The process of making the danggit starts with the fish being partially filleted. Filleting the fish takes patience and dexterity since the fish has sharp fins and is rather slippery. The entrails are then taken out and set aside while some bits that are not quite edible are discarded. The bones are then removed but not discarded since they can be dried and sold at the market. The boneless fish are washed and lightly salted before being laid to dry on bamboo racks. The drying process takes around eight hours on a hot day. Once the drying process is done, the fish is then packed and delivered to the market for sale.

Where To Buy The Danggit of Calabanga

The best place to buy this irresistible breakfast food item is at the Calabanga Public Market itself and near barangay like Sabang, Bonot Sta-Rosa, and Sibobo. You can just ride either by tricycle or by jeep to reach these places.

If you go to the Calabanga Public Market to buy danggit, it is advisable to wear something comfortable. A plain shirt and jeans will do. Just make sure you still have time to go back to your hotel to change since you will likely smell fishy after your visit to the market.

The danggit is just one of the pasalubong items visitors from the South bring home with them. Aside from being delectable to eat during breakfast, it can also be used as one of the ingredients of some dishes.

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